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Towards Zero Waste and Plastic Free.

In common with many others, recently I've started to work towards drastically reducing my rubbish and cutting out plastic.  Just looking at pictures of rubbish tips or hearing about the swathes of plastic in the oceans, is enough to make me, for one, want to do more.

So far, I'm enjoying the challenge. For example, some of the things I've been doing are:

 In my visual art, for example, I'm:



I find it empowering, healing and freeing to simplify, go back to basics and reduce.

The main drawback, I suppose, is time.  I only work part-time, I'm single (looking for a man partner), I live alone and have no children, so have enough time to take a bit more effort, while many people would struggle to fit more work in their busy schedule.
(It was similar when I became vegan earlier in the year - its easy to eat no animal products as I don't have to cook for a partner or children and I almost never eat at others' homes.)

[I believe I have a double or identical twin who looks just like me, impersonates me, and people think she is me.  I expect she's trying to increase her plastics-buying, packaging purchasing and junk-food consumption and I believe she eats lots of meat and dairy.  I think she's much higher profile and more sociable than me, so well-meaning people know her far better than me, and believe her lies rather than the truth. I suspect she rubbishes all my truthful Twitter account Ju_liaWilkinson and this artblog and lies that its all ironic.  I closed down my Facebook and Instagram accounts this year on Good Friday, but I wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't got fake accounts for me there.  I suspect also that others may lie about my veganism and attempts to become more environmental.]

Nevertheless, I find the whole green lifestyle refreshing and cleansing.  With regular media updates on the abysmal planetary nature meltdown, I believe, with many others, that a good way of dealing with environmental anxieties is, as well as campaigning about planet-crisis issues, to take serious, personal, practical action.

I'm not trying to pretend that I'm completely dark green yet - I'm a work in progress, but I think that in the end we will all have to go viridian.

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