Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope

Left: 'Duet in Pink and Green 

(Pyramidal Orchid)'.


Acrylic on chunky canvas.

30x40cm (12x16").

A Bee's View (British Orchids).

I created this art to express myself, to explore plant physiology and to campaign to protect these plants.

British orchids are rare and are threatened by habitat degradation, habitat change and human predation. Last century some British orchids became extinct, including the Summer Lady's Tresses Orchid. This is here as nothing, that is, the buyer receives absolutely nothing, as it became extinct in 1956, so there are no sufficiently detailed photographs of it, to paint it in the same way as the others.

I believe in protecting orchids and other rare wildlife and habitats, but I also believe that Britain needs a lot of new housing, to house the homeless and provide low cost housing, and that although a lot of housing should be built on brownfield areas, some of this new housing will probably need to be built in the countryside. I think that, with careful siting of new settlement areas, enough housing should be built, very soon, without degrading the countryside and wildlife too much.

In these works, the vibrant colours are shown in a mysterious, abstract way. Some of the paintings are nearly a meter tall and they contain a great deal of accurate information about the plants physiology.

I used oil or acrylic paints on chunky canvasses, building up many layers to produce glowing and also delicate colours. The works are semi abstract and glossy.

Left: 'Minty Green 

(Autumn Lady's Tresses Orchid)'.

Acrylic on canvas.

35x45cm (14x18").


Above left: 'Cool Angels (Common Twayblade)'.

Oil on chunky canvas.

61x91cm (24x36").


Left: 'Easter Orchid (Bee Orchid)'.

Acrylic on chunky canvas.

45x61cm (18x24").


All rights reserved Copyright Julia Wilkinson 2021.


'Summer Lady's Tresses Orchid'.

Buyer receives nothing.


Left: 'Pink Cloud 

(Common Spotted Orchid)'.

Oil on chunky canvas.

61x91cm (24x36").



Left: 'Magenta 

(Green winged orchid).

Oil on chunky canvas.

61x91cm (24x36").


PLEASE NOTE: I don't know of any sites of green-winged orchids which are intended to be used for supermarkets - the writing was only intended as a general message about over-development of wildlife areas.