Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope

Abundant Life Paintings.

These paintings are semi-abstract, referring to the natural world, especially its vivid colours, complex shapes and seasonality.

Inspired by landscape architecture plan drawings, these paintings often have interlocking and overlapping areas of flat colour, in asymmetric, naturalistic shapes.

First collages were created then these were copied in acrylic paint, sometimes using metallic, shimmering or pearlescent paint. 

The works show the scientific shapes, lines, colours and characteristic outlines of the species, these are then merged in traditional or modern compositions.

Plants relate to others nearby, for example, by competing, and also birds may relate to others, for example by sheltering, and these connections are represented here, showing the intertwined ecology of the whole habitat.

On a different level the paintings are also about psychological healing.


Top, left: 'Fig Tree II (At the Seaside)'


Acrylic on chunky canvas.

1mx75cm (40"x30")

Left: 'Festival'


Acrylic on canvas

(framed in plain white)

61x45cm (24"x18"). 


Left: 'Fig Tree'


Acrylic on chunky canvas.

1mx75cm (40"x30").


Left: 'Ducks II'

Acrylic on chunky canvas.

45cmx35cm (18"x14").


Left: 'Pink Roses'

Acrylic on chunky canvas.

61cmx45cm (24"x18").

All rights reserved Copyright Julia Wilkinson 2019.


Left: 'Irises'.

Acrylic on chunky canvas.

61cmx45cm (24"x18"). 


Left: 'Wild roses'.

Acrylic on chunky canvas.

25cm x 20cm (10" x 8").