Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope

Missing Presumed Extinct

These painting are about endangered species, showing groups of the creatures as gaps in the canvas. The idea is to show people the shock they would feel if these amazing animals did become extinct.

The surrounding areas of the paintingsĀ  are of the creatures' habitats: sand, seas and shells in the case of the turtles; mountainous seas in the case of the dophins; and grasses and wildflowers in the case of theĀ  butterflies.

The hope is that people will modify their behaviour to save these and other rare species. Currently most of the flora and fauna in the world seems to be endangered in the long term, but there is hope that many can be saved.

Above Left: 'No Hawksbill Turtles'.

Acrylic on chunky canvas with softboard.

61x45cm (24x18").

Left: 'No Corsican Swallowtails'

Acrylic on chunky canvas with softboard.

35x45cm (14x18").

Left: 'No New Zealand Dolphins'.

Acrylic on chunky canvas with softboard.

1mx75cm (40x30").

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