Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope

Left: 'Autumn flower'.

God, Others, Me and my Art.

I believe that if I've got a gift for art, its God-given, and He's given me motivation and inspiration from the natural world and Christianity. If I have any understanding about art, its from God and others.

I believe others have helped me through Government benefits; art teaching (including at the University of Sheffield, Fareham Colege, Southampton City College, International Correspondence School, Wykeham House School and many other schools and colleges for part-time courses) and through TV, books and Internet; inspiration from many artists (including many contemporary artists); encouragement; custom; help from family with finance etc; advice (including from Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth) and through interest in my art.

So I understand all my art is from God and with the help of others.


Left: 'Cloudy day II'.

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