Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope

About me

I've been working as a visual artist for about twelve years, and have had five solo exhibitions as well as participating in group exhibitions. 

I'm single, heterosexual and I've never been married.  I'm a Christian. 

I have had lots of evidence that I have an identical twin or double, who looks virtually exactly the same as me, and impersonates me, and people falsely think she is me. 


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Solo Exhibitions

October 2014. 'A Bee's View (British Orchids)'.  

Stubbington Library, Stubbington, Hampshire.

January 2013.  'Meanders in the New Forest'.  

Stubbington Library, Stubbington, Hampshire.

Sept-Oct 2011.  'Ducks and Dolphins - Going the Way of the Dodo?' 

Le Café Parisien, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

May-June 2011.  'Meanders in the New Forest'.  

Fareham Library, Fareham, Hampshire.

June-July 2010. 'Abundant Life' and 'Missing Presumed Extinct' Series.  

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Osborn Road, Fareham, Hampshire.

Group Exhibitions

2006.  Group exhibition at Fareham College.

1998.  Group exhibition of landscape architecture plans and drawings at the University of Sheffield Landscape Department.

Environmental Statement.

I campaign to help the natural world and seek to reduce any negative environmental impacts of my visual art.

Some of my recent artworks are made from reused materials, and my work includes art designed partly to campaign on environmental issues.

All of the electricity (I don't have gas) to supply my studio/maisonette is from renewable energy - energy obtained from the wind and sun.

I seek to conserve resources and use green alternatives in some cases, for example I use oil paint brush cleaner made from oranges, and sell postcards made from recycled paper.

I try to get greener photograph paper, ideally PEFC2 but sometimes FSC, and now try to provide statements about recyclability on cards made from photograph paper.

I aim to get frames that are FSC wood or relatively environmental if other materials.

I often reuse paper and card and often reuse food containers for paint mixing.

I haven't flown for about sixteen years, and mostly in adult life I've travelled by public transport and walking/cycling.

I've been trying to reduce my rubbish waste and decrease my plastic use.

I've also gone vegan, partly for environmental reasons and to help people in developing countries and partly for the animals' sake (its also good for health).


Left: 'Rhododendron IV'.