Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope
I am a Visual artist, living in Hampshire, England, UK.
Currently, I'm on sabbatical, although still creating some art.
Recently I have been working in digital art, photography, 3D art, painting, and environmental art.
In the past I have created abstract paintings and also photographs including meditative, abstract style ones based on nature.
I have sought to explore colour, line, form and light effects in nature and Christian spirituality, to add meaning and explain these fields, in fresh ways.

I live alone in a maisonette, and I am very isolated, with hardly any friends. I've had a lot of evidence that I genuinely have an identical twin (or possibly a double) who impersonates me, who has a much higher profile than me.
It seems that she acts as a lesbian, but I am heterosexual and I seek a man partner. I'm single and I've never been married.

I campaign to help the environment, and do a little voluntary work with flowers.



All rights reserved Copyright Julia Wilkinson 2019. 

Left: 'Act now or its too late (Ref. Climate Change)' 

Copyright Julia Wilkinson.

Acrylic on canvas.

50x39cm (Approx. 20x16").